The Complete Teach-Yourself-to-Sew Course

The Complete Teach-Yourself-to-Sew Course

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• Master the secrets of sewing with acclaimed teacher Judith Neukam

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 Teach Yourself to Sew is a revelation and definitely not just for beginners!   - Normandie

 I have sewn for over 30 years and never knew how, when using a sewing machine, the thread locked into a stitch. Your demonstration of this process was excellent — visually perfect!  - SouthernStyle

 I think this is a great idea. [I'm] learning to sew again after many years of forgetting some rules of how to sew. 
 - KrissyC

 For the first time in decades I understand how the top thread winds around the bobbin thread. Suddenly all of the factors in making a good stitch make sense!  - JaneW