Build a Hanging Tool Cabinet
1h 05m 57s
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

Fine Woodworking magazine’s Michael Pekovich shows you how to build a traditional hanging tool cabinet.

Mike shares his best design ideas to make custom storage for your tools and for the unique way YOU work.

He’ll teach you these how to:

● Master case and door box joinery

Cut precise dovetails with the table saw

● Prepare the cabinet for a square glue-up

● Create beautiful door panels.

Mike demonstrates how to outfit  the cabinet for all your hand planes.

He shows how to complete the interior with shelves, panels, and doors.

And he shares his ingenious way to hang up your favorite dovetail saw.

This cabinet is the perfect way to house your favorite hand tools in high style.

The Class Materials for this workshop include a printable plan and a digital plan for use with SketchUp® software.


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