Build a Router Table
49m 48s
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

Paring your router with a router table makes this versatile tool even more powerful.

Matt Kenney shows you every step involved in building a dedicated router table with room to store your routers, bits, and wrenches.

Matt takes you through all of the critical steps, including how to:

Build a rigid base, storage cabinet, and drawers

● Make a reliable and accurate fence

● Add specialized cam clamps for your table.

● Wire the table for single-switch activation of both your router and dust collection system

He’ll also demonstrate a whole host of router table techniques, including how to:

● Accurately set bit height

● Make zero-clearance fence inserts

● Tackle tricky end grain routing

● Route with templates

● Build a super-safe bit guard

● Rout curved drawer fronts

The Class Materials for this workshop include a printable plan and a digital plan for use with SketchUp® software.


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