Federal Side Table
1h 34m 33s
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

Master craftsman Steve Latta introduces a variety of essential techniques as he constructs a Federal Side Table featuring hallmark period details. With an eye toward efficient construction, the project offers tips for planning and organizing milling tasks and cutting accurate joinery.

Steve walks you through every step of the process, complete with lessons on period-appropriate details like banding, stringing, cock beading, hammer veneering, and much more. Learn to mill stock strategically. See Steve’s tips for precise mortise-and-tenon joinery. Find out about through and half-blind dovetails for drawer construction. Watch Steve demonstrate creating and inlaying decorative banding as well as making and adding cock beading for an authentic look. Combine machine and hand work to double-taper the table’s legs.

Get insight into Steve’s systemic glue-up approach for no-guess results. And end it off with in-depth information about shellac and wax finishes. You too can make this handsome period-style table.

The Class Materials for this workshop include a printable plan and a digital plan for use with SketchUp® software.


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