Foolproof Finishes with Shellac and Varnish
1h 08m 11s
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Even experienced furniture makers have problems when it comes to finishing.

Mario Rodriguez breaks the finishing operation down into clear steps.

How to follow a simple progression to remove milling marks and imperfections.

▪ Choose and use planes and a scraper to prepare the components for assembly.

▪ Flush joints and smooth surfaces with a block plane and assortment of sanding tools.

▪ Use denatured alcohol to reveal the tiniest scratches.

How to achieve success with two foolproof finishes.

▪ Select and mix shellac.

▪ Understand the concept of “cut.”

▪ Take advantage of shellac’s unique properties to get easy, reliable results.

▪ Mix polyurethane varnish with linseed oil.

▪ Carefully apply the mix with a brush.

▪ Rub out the excess with a cloth.

By following Rodriguez’s clear instructions woodworkers at all levels of experience will learn not to dread the minefield of finishing that awaits them at the end of the furniture-making process.



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