Fundamentals of Hand Planes
2h 17m 15s
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

Nothing exemplifies the quality of an accomplished and experienced woodworker better than the full command of hand planes. In this online video class teacher and furniture maker Mike Pekovich leads you on the journey towards a mastery of hand planes.

Mike will explain:

▪ How to read the grain of wood

▪ How to respond to what the grain is telling you

▪ Why blade angle matters

▪ How to avoid tearout

You’ll see a basic kit of planes is all you need to:

▪ Fit joints

▪ Add decorative edges

▪ Remove machine marks

▪ Tackle gnarly grains

▪ Produce glass-smooth surfaces

Along the way, you’ll discover how to make and use handy bench jigs and hooks.

And no course on hand planes would be complete without an in-depth lesson on sharpening.

With Mike’s careful instruction you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to take your work to the next level and maybe even develop a new appreciation for the origins of the craft.

By mastering these tools you can greatly improve the quality of your pieces, have more fun doing it, and, perhaps, connect with woodworkers of yore.



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