Pedestal Dining Table
1h 39m 22s
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

A modern, central-column table for everyday use.

Woodworker Timothy Rousseau's pedestal dining table offers a unique approach beyond the traditional leg and apron table design.

This table is made of walnut and features a central column joined together using a combination of lap joints and traditional mortise-and-tenon joints.

Its graceful top sports gently curved sides that are inviting to the touch and pleasing to the eye.

Although the anatomy looks complex, all of the joints are easily executed with basic woodworking tools and techniques.

▪Cutting half-lapped joinery

▪Shaping curves and tapers

▪Mortise-and-tenon joinery

▪Smoothing with hand and power tools

▪Systematic glue-ups

The perfect balance of strength and elegance.

The Class Materials for this workshop include a printable plan and a digital plan for use with SketchUp® software.


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