Rebuilding Vintage Hand Planes
2h 07m 37s
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Woodworking expert Roland Johnson teaches you how to tear down and rebuild three classic hand planes.

Discover the joy of taking a rusty old plane and transforming it into a fine tool.

Roland gives you his tips for finding the best planes to rebuild:

▪ Learn the history of the Stanley bench plane
▪ Know what to look for in relatives’ basements, at garage sales, and online.

Understand the tiny manufacturing and construction details of three different planes:

▪ The classic Stanley bench plane
▪ A low-angle block plane
▪ The unique and overlooked Stanley 82 scraper

Roland shows you the secrets for each part of the process:

▪ Cleaning
▪ Repairing
▪ Re-machining
▪ Flattening the soles

And learn Roland’s unique - and affordable - system for sharpening blades

Armed with what you’ll learn in this class, the best new tool in your shop might end up being an 80-year-old hand plane

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