Sewing with Wool
2h 15m 11s
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

Textile expert and sewing instructor Katrina Walker shares her trove of knowledge about wool.

Learn how wool is shorn from the sheep, cleaned, carded, and spun into yarn which is then woven into fabric.

Understand the types and qualities of wool fabric -- from merino and twills to super fines and bouclés.

Discover essential techniques for sewing with wool.

▪ Master seams, hems, and specialty finishes.

▪ See how to match wool textile to garment type

▪ Assemble the best tools for sewing wool.

▪ Learn how to prepare, cut, and stabilize wool.

▪ Discover insider tips for pressing and shaping wool with steam.

Trouble-shooting advice and expert sewing instruction will build your confidence in sewing with this versatile fabric.

Once you've mastered wools, learn all about silk textiles in Katrina Walker’s companion workshop, Sewing with Silk.


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