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SketchUp® Guide for Woodworkers – The Basics
1h 06m
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

This easy-to-follow introduction to the free design software SketchUp® is perfect for woodworkers.

▪ Learn how to set up the program, use drawing tools, and navigate in a 3-D space.

▪ Understand how to draw woodworking projects, refine drawings, and create shop-ready plans.

▪ Already know a little? This easy-to-skim video lets you focus on what’s new to you.

▪ Class Materials include a sample woodworking project, a “Cheat Sheet,” and the transcript.




This workshop is also available as a DVD from the Taunton Store.




Note: SketchUp® Make 2016 (from Trimble Navigation) is the current version of the SketchUp® Make software. SketchUp Make is free for personal use.

Although this class was made using Google SketchUp® 8 Pro, the lessons still apply to the current version of the program, whether you are using SketchUp® Make or the professional version, SketchUp® Pro.

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SketchUp® Make download page
Making SketchUp® Your Own (Fine Woodworking web page)
A Note from Dave Richards (pdf download)
Wall Cabinet Model (SketchUp® digital plan)
Wall Cabinet with Scenes (SketchUp® digital plan)
Wall Cabinet Shop Drawings (pdf download)
Component: Hinge (SketchUp® digital plan)
Component: Knob (SketchUp® digital plan)
SketchUp® “Cheat Sheet” (pdf download)
Class Transcript (pdf download)
Design. Click. Build. (Fine Woodworking SketchUp® Blog)