Turning Bowls
2h 32m 52s
Access includes complete video series plus all class materials.

In this companion workshop to The New Turning Wood with Richard Raffan, you’ll see how to use your lathe to turn ordinary pieces of wood into spectacular bowls and vessels. First, acclaimed woodturner Richard Raffan recaps the techniques used to make a standard bowl as seen in the New Turning Wood workshop, taking you from grain direction and tools to basic cuts. Next, you’ll learn how to prepare bowl blanks and use bowl gouges and scrapers, how to use deep hollowing rigs, and how to sand and finish bowls.

You’ll also get indispensable advice on how to deal with and recover from unexpected and potentially dangerous events while turning. At workshop’s end, you’ll have learned how to make beautiful bark-rimmed bowls, wide-rimmed bowls, deep enclosed vessels, and lidded bowls.

This workshop contains lessons on tools, basic cuts, hollowing, and making a standard bowl, which are also included in Richard Raffan’s The New Turning Wood eLearning workshop.




This workshop is also available on DVD from the Taunton Store.




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